Isabelle- Albury Newborn Photography

November 11, 2019 at 12:06 am

Isabelle’s sisters were bursting with pride and couldn’t wait to introduce me to her when I arrived for her newborn session. It was gorgeous to see their excitement and wonder as they cuddled her and looked in fascination at her tiny 10 day old fingers and toes. Seeing their strong bond so early on makes me think that they are going to be as thick as thieves as they grow up! There is a famous quote that says “Because I have a sister I will always have a friend” (author unknown). How lucky are these girls to have not one, but two best friends for life.

The early weeks with a newborn are full of changes and growth, and it all disappears so very quickly right before your eyes. Before you know it all the little features that make them a newborn (like the fine little hairs on their face and arms, the newborn skin, those little squished up arms and legs) are gone. It is a unique time that you’ll never get back, which is why I love photographing newborn sessions so much.

Over time the photographs allows you to reflect and remember, and to also show your kids what they were like as a newborn baby. Kids love looking at themselves in photos and hearing stories of what they were like. They will be amazed to see themselves so tiny, wrapped up in Mum’s arms, and they’ll marvel that their foot was once so tiny it fitted in the palm of Daddy’s hand! I highly recommend booking a photographer for this fleeting time. Although it is busy, you will never regret making the time to have those precious memories captured forever,

I am now taking bookings for newborns due in 2020. If you would like me to photograph your baby please get in touch.


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